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July 3, 2011

About A Guy On A Plane With a Scorpion

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Yesterday a friend was telling me about a news story she heard about a scorpion on a plane. Her view, plus our extrapolated views had us laughing a lot. Eventually I Googled it and clicked on the first link I found. I felt fortunate to have found Jeff Ellis himself telling his story. If you want the true story, after all, just go to the source, right?

Watching this, my friend kept saying “this isn’t how I heard it”. She had heard, and we both imaged, a bit more freaking out and chaos. As Ellis tells it, and he should know, it was just a minor inconvenience. This got us to talking about “news” and how easy people can change it in the retelling so we looked at another random report to see their slant.

In this video there is an entirely different view from the girlfriend at the 1:05 mark  (but watch the whole thing). This story also goes on to say that a scorpion is not the only stowaway reported and they have video proof. Apparently a menagerie of  critters have attempted to get a free flight, including a penguin, cheetah and otter. Go figure. What happened to passenger screening, eh?

The differences are not hard to understand if you go back to the ending of the Ellis video. It clearly states he was well compensated by the airline. He appeared to be quite the happy camper. I am sure by now this “generosity” has reached the girlfriend and other passengers as well. I wonder what the cap is on this airline’s budget for avoiding bad press?

Here’s another soft version I found. It is an animation video of said event. I include it only because I liked the animation. There are quite a few stories and later I’ll look for blogs from other passengers if any are available. (feel free to link to any in the comments section) to see what other views I can gather. Here’s the Google search on Jeff Ellis Scorpion in case you want to look into it further.

All this got me thinking of the news and how so few stories are actually reported unbiased. Our news has become editorials. We have to read 4-5 different articles from a wide variety of sources just to begin seeing all sides. In my opinion all sides should be investigated before a story goes to print. Leave the speculation, self-interest, and plain bullshit reporting to bloggers. By the end of this my friend and I were talking about the movie Wag The Dog in which a Hollywood war is produced and shown as fact to cover up a President’s misdeeds. Since watching that way back when, I have had a great distrust for the news and what they present as fact. Sure it was just a movie, but real life is often much stranger than fiction, and history has proven that politicians and the press have few limits when it comes to making the masses accept their point of view.

If we want to educate ourselves and be current with events we cannot blanket the media with distrust, but a strong dose of skepticism is not a bad thing. “I read it in the newspaper so it must be true” are words that should never enter your mind.


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