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June 19, 2011

Making Fun Of Netiquette

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I was reading a blog or news post and in the comments was someone linked to Netiquette and/or I am not sure why but I went to have a look. Listed were a number of social media “rules”. The first was to always proofread and spell check. That seemed reasonable enough. I don’t do that so I didn’t click and read. Near the bottom of the list was one titled “Never Send Email at Night”. That was interesting enough to click and read.

It went on and on about how if you send an email between 10pm and 6am people may think less of you because of some wonky lifestyle. The article goes on to imply that anyone not asleep during those hours is somehow not trustworthy. Their lifestyle is in question. Not sure where Netiquette came up with this. That may have been true maybe 50 years ago. Now hours mean nothing. It’s a 24/7 world and people have to work regardless of what the clock has to say. As if that wasn’t enough to make me wonder why I was still reading I came across a great little gem. Meaning to type email, the Netiquette author typed emal. An innocent enough typo, unless your number one social media blunder listed is proofread and spell check.

I would have just commented on the website but there wasn’t a comment section. I could have posted on their wall in Facebook but it was either disabled or you had to LIKE the page and that wasn’t going to happen. They are on Twitter but I had more than 140 characters worth of fun to poke. Besides that, if I tweeted about them they might tweet back and I am not sure I want that either. So I blogged. My blogs allowed comments. So if Netiquette wants to comment they can feel free to do so.

I really should be posting this at some ungodly hour since I didn’t proofread it either, but now is now and that is when I post. One of the social media MUSTS was be honest. How honest is it to time sending emails so you trick your readers into thinking they were written at a reasonable hour?


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