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June 25, 2011


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Earlier this Saturday I had a single $10 bill to my name. I spent $5 at Price Choppers for a can of ravioli ($1), a tomato for a sandwich ($0.52), a 1.5L tub of maple walnut ice cream (only $2, bargain!) and a pack of hotdogs ($1) for my dog Sam. I also bought a 371ml thingy of Irish Cream coffee flavouring ($1.99) so I can tolerate instant coffee. I then spent the last $3 on a Lotto 649 ticket for tonight’s $11 million draw.

(cue in dream-like music) 11 million dollars….what would I do with it?

2 million would go to my existence, calculating 50K a year for 40 years, assuming I live to be 95.

2 million would go in trust for my son paying him 50k a year when he is 40. Prior to that he would still live with me and go to school and/or work.

1 million would be there just for me to blow.  I think I’d take a buddy to Vegas to see if I really could do well as a professional poker player, I’d travel a bit or maybe just buy into a golf course. I’d give a bunch away just because I could.

That leaves 6 million for a dream I have been harbouring for about 10 years. It would be called The ******* *** Foundation, named after my son. This foundation would be a benevolent organization with the sole purpose of helping those in need. Not just the poor. Say someone had the dream of starting a small business but couldn’t get the capital. My organization would give it to them. Give it, not loan. There wouldn’t be a whole lot of  red tape and delay, they’d just get it if the idea sounded like it stood a chance. All the Foundation would ask for was say 10% of net profits…forever. If the business fails we lose, if it succeeds the Foundation gets money into the kitty. I am sure money could be raised with fundraisers and stuff like that too. The Foundation would build/buy residences for the homeless and poor. Scattered in all areas of the city so as to NOT create a ghetto, with rents geared to income with a reasonable cap so if successful people wouldn’t have to move if they didn’t want to. It would offer clothes for job interviews or tools for employment. It would offer food and showers for those who needed them or whatever was leg up was needed.

To slow the influx of the needy moving to London or people lining up for assistance there would be one simple rule. Ask and you will not get. The Foundation would have a team of trusted people out and about seeking out those in need. Sure the plan is flimsy. It’s only a dream after all, but if I had the money I would “waste” it trying to make it work. If nothing else it would employ a lot of people (staff) who would be paid well, but not outrageously and all would get the same no matter what their position. By today’s standards I’d say 30K a year plus housing.

Overall I would like to create a for profit organization with a working model that would put so-called non-profit organizations to shame. A 6 mil opening donation helps, but hopefully it would be self-sufficient before that money ran out.

Jobs. I’d want to be in the job making business. I’d want to be in the helping people business. Most of all I’d want to be in the “see you assholes, this is how people with money should conduct themselves” business.

Oh sure it’s all easy to say. I haven’t won the money and odds are strong I won’t. Still, if I had a shitload of money it would stay in London and help Londoners without interference from City Hall. Maybe I’d even be able to help the whole city by just paying some tab the city incurred so they wouldn’t have to gouge it out of the citizens.

Look, it’s just about time to check the ticket.

Oh yeah, and I’d have a job for  my Twitter friends I have not yet met and anyone who posts a comment on this blog. 😛

Okay….so what would YOU do?


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