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July 2, 2011

The Death Of A Friend

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Last night my 13 year old cat passed away. I had just seen her yesterday and she seemed fine. She was rolling in a sunny spot looking all kitten-like. She had runny eyes and I wondered about that but gave it little thought as I was more wrapped up in me. I have to imagine she passed in peace, maybe with Canada Day fireworks as a send off.

I was lost as to what to do. Without calling to find out I knew I could not afford to have her body disposed of in a legal fashion, yet do not own a shovel or more importantly a backyard, which is where I would prefer to lay her to rest. My thoughts of borrowing a shovel and finding a secluded wooden area conflicted with my fears of being caught and arrested. It’s sad that the right thing (legal) is the most expensive. It is no wonder crimes are committed. For the purpose of this public writing, let it be stated that I have found a way of laying Lucy to rest without breaking the law.

It is odd. My mom passed away after a long bout with cancer. Maybe because it was expected or maybe because of my personal view on death, but I did not shed any tears. She was at peace, finally, after years of suffering. Yet, I shed tears for Lucy. It wasn’t because I loved Lucy more than my mom. That I know. Perhaps it was the suddenness of it all. There were no warning signs. There was no period of philosophical thought and mental preparing a long illness offers.

My son is away for a week visiting his mom. I didn’t know if I should call or not. There was no bringing her back and no need for him to end his vacation early and share in my sadness. Then again, if I didn’t call it opened the door for the wrong decision. I called but he was still asleep. Another dilemma. Should I have her wake him, or wait until later? Again, my choice would be to wake, and again if I was wrong in my choice there was no taking it back. I had her awaken him, we talked a bit and agreed there was no need for him to come home.

I am in a strange head space right now. Death does not generally effect me. It is the circle of life some say. Shit happens, other say. It is what it is, I say. If there are souls or spirits they are long gone by the time the carcass is found. A body is a body. It will decompose in time. If there is a spirit it will go to where it is meant to go regardless of what actions I take. Any actions we do take are for ourselves and the living.

Lucy is gone. Though she was not the friendliest cat in the world she was a part of our household and will be missed. Sam the dog and Minnie Mew our other cat do bot seem to be effected at all. I find that odd, but again, it is what it is. Rest in peace Lucy. I hope we helped make your time on earth pleasant.


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