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June 20, 2011

Exposing My Hidden Agenda

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Catchy title. I wonder what I’ll do with it? I often don’t know what I am going to type until I start typing. I opened this page to talk about my GREAT BIG IDEA for municipal (at least) “community engagement”. hen I got sidetracked while opening this blog editor. I got thinking about Carfreefest last weekend. I gotta’ type about that before the thoughts drift a way as I suspect they will.

Digressing further….thoughts are such fleeting little things. Not all may be as brilliant as one (me) might think; some are just undeveloped. I figure if I toss enough of them out, some may stick. If I toss out thoughts to those with the ability to act on them, they may take them and run. Fair enough. It’s the thought that counts. And hey, even thoughts that aren’t so brilliant have value. Provoking thought is fine by me.

So what about this hidden agenda thing? Later…..

I am a guy without much of value, yet I have this major league jones on for giving stuff away. Now all I got are my thoughts, concepts, ideas, ramblings…whatever you want to call them. I have been often criticized for giving away thoughts and/or not putting a value on my time. Putting a value on our time takes away from giving, from helping and from being a community. Yet, we all have bills to pay.

Hidden agenda is just about here.

That all said I am going to charge for my time for this formulating concept I have. The initial disclosure is going to be limited to 5 people. My fee will be a meal and three pints of beer (may be substituted). How these five decide to cover the fee amoungst them is entirely up to them. If five cannot be achieved the fee fall upon four, three,two or one. Less than one and the event will be cancelled.

Preview: This concept revolves entirely around community engagement. Maybe a bit of taking over the world, but that would be after four pints.

Here’s the hidden agenda bit, if I haven’t lost the thought I had when I started typing this.

Virtually everyone has some kind of hidden agenda. I do too. My agenda for selling my time is to get people’s attention. In this case five. Are there five people out there willing to take a chance that I might actually have something to say in my round about way? Part of my agenda is to draw attention to community engagement.  I picked the meal and beer thing because the people I am interacting with seem to have a penchant for such places. I can’t argue with them. The meat of my hidden agenda is that I don’t really have a hidden agenda. If you want to know why I am doing what I am doing ask. If I know I’ll tell you. Maybe I latched on to the whole transparency thing and maybe I am getting carried away with this whole community engagement stuff.  My bottom line agenda with nothing hidden is to make an honest and open positive difference. I cannot do it alone and cannot do it with five, but it’s a start.

Date of meeting TBA.



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