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July 7, 2011

Telephone Should Be An Essential Service

On Monday July 4th my phone, internet and cable were disconnected. I listed them in order of importance. My phone is connected to the intercom five floors below. I cannot buzz anyone up, nor can I call for an EMS if there is an emergency. This leads me to think a phone should be an essential service.

Cutting off the phone is also a dumb plan because now I cannot even talk to Rogers if I did in fact want to make everything right with them.

I lost my services primarily because I cannot afford them. I allowed to reduce them to make them more affordable. My services also went up about $70, making catching up a lot harder to do. Rogers. Do you know them? If you deal with them I strongly advise you to shop around for another service. Any other service. If you are a lawyer type, I strongly suggest you pay attention. I am sure there is a class action lawsuit in there somewhere. I’ll sign up.

Rogers has a strange way of billing their packages. My last package was basic phone with 1 feature, ultra highspeed internet (more for the 80gb cap than the speed) and VIP cable because it includes The Leafs channel and The Golf Channel. That package, with a 30% discount for 3 years given after the last time I tried to leave, cost about $125 a month. (If you are with Rogers and have been for a few years, call and make like you want to reduce or give up services or whatever works to suggest you might be bailing, and they will offer you 30% off. Maybe just calling and saying you know about the 30% will work)

That $124 is for the package.

Here’s how Rogers gets evil and perhaps illegal. At some point Rogers decides to take away your package. You still keep all your options, even the ones you didn’t want but took because they were in the package, but pay for them individually. That is how my bill went up $70 a month. This can almost be accepted if they told you as soon as it happened. I know they can because they can tell me daily what my bandwidth usage is and send a pop-up message on-screen to tell me when I hit 75%. The worst part is that one cannot reduce services (like drop cable) for a few months so as to catch up with the bill. The debt grows faster and options for making it manageable are only available when you have a zero balance. Something in that business model is not right.

I have lived here for over 13 years and this is the 1st time I have been cut-off, but not the first time I have been in debt to Rogers. This debt is a few hundred dollars less than the last time I came close to a total shutdown. In fact, I should still have services but I missed a step. Based on years of experience I thought I knew they system. First they would call (maybe mail something but I don’t read Rogers mail because it is always just advertising. I got bills online) and a recorded message would say to call Rogers. When that call is made, that starts the clock. If you ignore that call (a few times a day) eventually you will get a notice hand delivered saying to pay up by a certain date (often days after notice is given) or be disconnected. This is where you would call Rogers and make arrangements to pay down your bill. You promise to pay specific amounts on specific days. Usually it is more than you can afforded and sooner than you can manage it, but at least it’s a final option. I missed the notice step or they stopped doing that.

I did get a visit from Rogers on Monday. I was heading out, the phone rang indicating someone was buzzing up. I answered and the voice said Rogers. I suspected it was the notice and said “I’ll be right down” and was answered with an “ok”. As usual I took the stairs down and when I got to the lobby there was nobody there. Nobody was outside and I saw no signs of a Rogers van. I went back in and the elevator was on my floor. Did he go up? I called the elevator and waited. When it arrived there were four people aboard. Three I recognized. There was a guy with a clip board. I made eye contact and got a blank stare back so up I went. Nobody upstairs so that was likely him. No waiting required, I took the elevator down again to meet the same results as the first time. Nobody and no sighting of a service van.

Perhaps I should have spoken to the man with the clip board upon first sighting. In my defence he didn’t look like a Rogers guy. He wore worn shorts and an untucked, unkempt short-sleeved shirt and the paper on the clip board did not have a Rogers logo…or any logo for that matter. I waited around a bit and still no sighting so I went to the store as I originally intended before he buzzed. I figured I’d get home and find the final notice in my mail slot or stuck on my door. Sometimes the just stick them up by the buzzer panel. I suspect with the intentions of embarrassing you in front of your neighbours. There was no notice anywhere to be found. What was to be found was no phone, internet or cable.

I have since gone to my neighbours and called Distributel. I have heard good things about them and intended to call them next time my Rogers bill was at a zero balance. Odds are I wouldn’t though, because I would be complacent. I am telling you now not to be. Switch away from Rogers asap. If not just to save money, then to send a message that their gouging won’t be tolerated. The bandwidth caps alone should be enough to sway you. They charge $5 for each gig over the cap. Do they credit you if you are under? Of course not.

With Distributel I will be getting highspeed broadband (through cable not phone) internet with unlimited bandwidth and a phone service with all the features for under $70 including HST. There is no contract and no hidden charges. $57.40 plus HST and that is all.

What will I be missing? Cable. Distributel does not do cable and I am facing North so cannot use any dish services. I can watch movies and TV shows online, just not “live” and Netflix is only $7.99 a month. I will miss watching Leafs games. I’ll miss watching them a lot. That is about the only bad hit in all of this. I know I can pay to watch them stream but it wouldn’t be the same as the familiar telecasts I grew up with. I’ll figure something out by October 7. If I switched my ISP I could have retained my phone number, but since I was out of service I have to get a new one. I also have a new email. That makes for a lot of changes to logins and contacts, a lot of which I will forget about. I guess if I forget to tell someone my new addy or phone # they’ll track me down. I can look at is as way of cleaning out unused services or people long moved on.

This is a blessing in disguise, so I tell myself and my son repeatedly as we live out the next couple of weeks awaiting Distributel’s equipment and technician (they Rogers technicians, oddly enough). It is a kind of house arrest with all services taken. With the flick of a switch life changes, but I’ll write about that later.


July 2, 2011

The Storm

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The Death Of A Friend

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Last night my 13 year old cat passed away. I had just seen her yesterday and she seemed fine. She was rolling in a sunny spot looking all kitten-like. She had runny eyes and I wondered about that but gave it little thought as I was more wrapped up in me. I have to imagine she passed in peace, maybe with Canada Day fireworks as a send off.

I was lost as to what to do. Without calling to find out I knew I could not afford to have her body disposed of in a legal fashion, yet do not own a shovel or more importantly a backyard, which is where I would prefer to lay her to rest. My thoughts of borrowing a shovel and finding a secluded wooden area conflicted with my fears of being caught and arrested. It’s sad that the right thing (legal) is the most expensive. It is no wonder crimes are committed. For the purpose of this public writing, let it be stated that I have found a way of laying Lucy to rest without breaking the law.

It is odd. My mom passed away after a long bout with cancer. Maybe because it was expected or maybe because of my personal view on death, but I did not shed any tears. She was at peace, finally, after years of suffering. Yet, I shed tears for Lucy. It wasn’t because I loved Lucy more than my mom. That I know. Perhaps it was the suddenness of it all. There were no warning signs. There was no period of philosophical thought and mental preparing a long illness offers.

My son is away for a week visiting his mom. I didn’t know if I should call or not. There was no bringing her back and no need for him to end his vacation early and share in my sadness. Then again, if I didn’t call it opened the door for the wrong decision. I called but he was still asleep. Another dilemma. Should I have her wake him, or wait until later? Again, my choice would be to wake, and again if I was wrong in my choice there was no taking it back. I had her awaken him, we talked a bit and agreed there was no need for him to come home.

I am in a strange head space right now. Death does not generally effect me. It is the circle of life some say. Shit happens, other say. It is what it is, I say. If there are souls or spirits they are long gone by the time the carcass is found. A body is a body. It will decompose in time. If there is a spirit it will go to where it is meant to go regardless of what actions I take. Any actions we do take are for ourselves and the living.

Lucy is gone. Though she was not the friendliest cat in the world she was a part of our household and will be missed. Sam the dog and Minnie Mew our other cat do bot seem to be effected at all. I find that odd, but again, it is what it is. Rest in peace Lucy. I hope we helped make your time on earth pleasant.

June 20, 2011

Exposing My Hidden Agenda

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Catchy title. I wonder what I’ll do with it? I often don’t know what I am going to type until I start typing. I opened this page to talk about my GREAT BIG IDEA for municipal (at least) “community engagement”. hen I got sidetracked while opening this blog editor. I got thinking about Carfreefest last weekend. I gotta’ type about that before the thoughts drift a way as I suspect they will.

Digressing further….thoughts are such fleeting little things. Not all may be as brilliant as one (me) might think; some are just undeveloped. I figure if I toss enough of them out, some may stick. If I toss out thoughts to those with the ability to act on them, they may take them and run. Fair enough. It’s the thought that counts. And hey, even thoughts that aren’t so brilliant have value. Provoking thought is fine by me.

So what about this hidden agenda thing? Later…..

I am a guy without much of value, yet I have this major league jones on for giving stuff away. Now all I got are my thoughts, concepts, ideas, ramblings…whatever you want to call them. I have been often criticized for giving away thoughts and/or not putting a value on my time. Putting a value on our time takes away from giving, from helping and from being a community. Yet, we all have bills to pay.

Hidden agenda is just about here.

That all said I am going to charge for my time for this formulating concept I have. The initial disclosure is going to be limited to 5 people. My fee will be a meal and three pints of beer (may be substituted). How these five decide to cover the fee amoungst them is entirely up to them. If five cannot be achieved the fee fall upon four, three,two or one. Less than one and the event will be cancelled.

Preview: This concept revolves entirely around community engagement. Maybe a bit of taking over the world, but that would be after four pints.

Here’s the hidden agenda bit, if I haven’t lost the thought I had when I started typing this.

Virtually everyone has some kind of hidden agenda. I do too. My agenda for selling my time is to get people’s attention. In this case five. Are there five people out there willing to take a chance that I might actually have something to say in my round about way? Part of my agenda is to draw attention to community engagement.  I picked the meal and beer thing because the people I am interacting with seem to have a penchant for such places. I can’t argue with them. The meat of my hidden agenda is that I don’t really have a hidden agenda. If you want to know why I am doing what I am doing ask. If I know I’ll tell you. Maybe I latched on to the whole transparency thing and maybe I am getting carried away with this whole community engagement stuff.  My bottom line agenda with nothing hidden is to make an honest and open positive difference. I cannot do it alone and cannot do it with five, but it’s a start.

Date of meeting TBA.


June 19, 2011

Making Fun Of Netiquette

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I was reading a blog or news post and in the comments was someone linked to Netiquette and/or I am not sure why but I went to have a look. Listed were a number of social media “rules”. The first was to always proofread and spell check. That seemed reasonable enough. I don’t do that so I didn’t click and read. Near the bottom of the list was one titled “Never Send Email at Night”. That was interesting enough to click and read.

It went on and on about how if you send an email between 10pm and 6am people may think less of you because of some wonky lifestyle. The article goes on to imply that anyone not asleep during those hours is somehow not trustworthy. Their lifestyle is in question. Not sure where Netiquette came up with this. That may have been true maybe 50 years ago. Now hours mean nothing. It’s a 24/7 world and people have to work regardless of what the clock has to say. As if that wasn’t enough to make me wonder why I was still reading I came across a great little gem. Meaning to type email, the Netiquette author typed emal. An innocent enough typo, unless your number one social media blunder listed is proofread and spell check.

I would have just commented on the website but there wasn’t a comment section. I could have posted on their wall in Facebook but it was either disabled or you had to LIKE the page and that wasn’t going to happen. They are on Twitter but I had more than 140 characters worth of fun to poke. Besides that, if I tweeted about them they might tweet back and I am not sure I want that either. So I blogged. My blogs allowed comments. So if Netiquette wants to comment they can feel free to do so.

I really should be posting this at some ungodly hour since I didn’t proofread it either, but now is now and that is when I post. One of the social media MUSTS was be honest. How honest is it to time sending emails so you trick your readers into thinking they were written at a reasonable hour?

June 18, 2011

The Perils of Not Getting Out Much

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I don’t get out much. I am not a total recluse, but my sallies forth are limited to walks, the dog park, Timmies, Price Choppers and the occasional errand elsewhere. And golf. Let’s not forget that! I used to get out all the time. There were periods in my life where out was where I spent most of my time. Being in (home) was only for sleep, changing and parties. Oh yes, thatguy was once a partier. Every bartender knew me on sight and it wasn’t a bad thing. Those were the good old days. Or were they? I spent money as fast as I got it. That is pretty much the same now, only then it was booze, dining,booze and parties and booze, now it’s rent, food and Rogers.

I smoke. Yeah, I know it is the worst but it is also the deepest rooted of all addictions. So when smoking in bars was banned I pretty much quit going to bars. Eventually I pretty much gave up drinking. (if you are buying I’ll rarely turn one down, but a lot of food can be bought for the price of a beer) Bars, drinking and smoking were the biggest part of going out.  And dating. I gave that up long ago too. As far as dating and the whole spousal unit thing goes, I just can’t play the game. I don’t get the rules and trouble usually ensues. Best to leave that stuff up to those who can handle it. I bowed out of that game years ago with only a few regrets.

This weekend requires me to be out all day Saturday and again all day Sunday. I am so totally unprepared. My son lost my messenger bag, so I have nothing to carry my stuff in. And of course today I need to carry lots of stuff. The best I have is a cloth shopping bag. It will be clumsy and oh so not fashionable. I have absolutely nothing to take as a lunch except bread and butter, with empty pockets and no cash until Monday. No bus ticket either, but I would have walked anyways, I am sure. This sin’t so bad for Sunday. That day I will be acting as Marshall (no 10 gallon hat or six shooter, so I hear. Damn!) at River Valley Golf Course, up near St. Marys. I can mooch grub and water from the clubhouse and pay them when they pay me. Saturday (today) I will be downtown all day and into the night. Or so goes the plan. It is a good opportunity to be out. I don’t want to miss it. This is where I wonder about food and water. Oh, I’ll manage. John downstairs at the variety store will front me, but I hate asking.

Getting out. That’s the hardest part. Look, it is 9:28am and I have yet to shower. I do not have a mobile device, so tearing myself away from the computer is harder than for most. The hardest part of getting out is knowing I will be away from all my comfort zones. I’ll be out there. Out there where anything can happen. I have ventured out a few times recently. I survived and so did those I encountered, as far as I know. I had fun too so I don’t know why the procrastination persists. Must be that comfort zone thingy.

I have pledged to help at the Carfreefest downtown today. It goes all weekend, but today is the day I’ll go. Not sure what helping I’ll be assigned. I’ll push for clean-up since that is what most dislike the most and it doesn’t matter to me. I saw on Twitter where the MET was giving away free tables space (that must piss off those who paid). Years back I would have jumped on that, as I was always selling something, but when I read it I couldn’t think of a thing to do at a table. My first thought was to sit with a sign saying “ready for hire” or some such job seeking slogan. I quickly put that aside; the MET probably wouldn’t have gone for it. I got to thinking of how I cannot manage to give free golf away on Twitter so I wrote to the Met saying I could engage people at a table talking about golf, specifically the Twitter #freegolf hashtag I have been tossing around. But really, is that much of a table? Then came the final product idea. I called the course and asked for brochures, scorecards, discount coupons, green fee fact sheets and whatever other promo hand-outs they had.  They delivered and even threw in a shirt.  Now I have stuff to put on my table. Professional looking stuff. 🙂  My intention is to make a sign saying:



and just going from there. #freegolf didn’t work on Twitter. It went mostly ignored which surprised me. I am told it is because people are suspicious of “free”. I switched “free golf” to “$20 golf lessons” but that still didn’t get any attention. Some say because I do not charge piles of money, “customers” don’t put a high value on my expertise. And rightly so. I am not an expert but figure I can certainly give $20 worth of golf instruction. The whole “free golf” thing is two-fold. The main reason is so I can get to the course. You drive, you golf free. Simple as that. The offshoot advantage is I am trying to find people who never golfed at River Valley before so I can introduce them to the course, and hopefully they’ll return….often., making a win situation for the course. Having the owners know it was because of me they got new golfers cannot hurt my image, either. How can I give free golf when I am dirt poor? I help the course with online stuff like Facebook and Twitter. In exchange I can golf for free. Since I don’t have a car, I get another free round for my driver. If they come out under the auspices of golf lessons and want to pay me, that’s fine too, but I do offer a money back guarantee. 🙂

Yeah, so like I was saying. I am getting out today. First some strolling. I’ll check in  at the Met. Do some work then sit at a table and talk golf for a few hours (at least). I was told my spot was right by the door so I can act as a greeter too. Maybe with that on my resume Walmart will be interested in me. For the evening I hope to have hooked up with a group and catch some of the entertainment. It looks like a full day and I am sure I should be getting ready for it, not sitting here typing about it.

I hope to see you….out there.

May 21, 2011

My Doomsday Burger: Heavenly and Rapturous

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I have to thank the TV station OLN for airing Man vs. Food for this burger. In one episode someone made a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. I was talking with a friend about that and decided I was going to make grilled cheese sandwich burgers for my potential last supper. When I say “I” made them, what I mean is I washed dishes and cleaned up, while my son did the bulk of the work. Whatever.

It started with a rube of ground beef that was on for $5.99. Half a tube makes 4 decent burgers, so we are looking at 1/4 pounders.
He chopped up some hot peppers and cracked in an egg while he hand mixed the burgers. He was excellent with washing his hands often. Gotta’ appreciate that.
I sliced Vilandia onions, tomatoes and pickles. Opened the mustard and relish. I contributed.
It takes 16 slices of bread to make 4 burgers. We only had 14 so made enough for three.
Ya gotta’ be sure to mash down your grilled cheese, the flatter the better. You’ll appreciate it later.
I used the ready cooked bacon. I didn’t want to piss around cooking it. 45 seconds in the microwave works for me. Cut it in half for the burgers. It fits better and looks like more.
The burgers wear cooked to perfection on the trusty George Foreman grill, btw.
The boy cleared out of the kitchen and it was my turn to create.
I crabbed a nice flat sandwich and centered the meat of the matter.
Thin slices of tomato.
Two slices of Havarti cheese with jalapeno.
16 half slices of bacon
Two slices of Vilandia onion.
Topped with another flattened grilled cheese sandwich.

Go ahead. This is something you can try at home.

May 16, 2011

Never Write In Anger

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I have heard that before. But that is also when I feel inspired to write. Today I could add to that by saying never write in anger and  pain. Here I am indulging in both writing sins. I am in pain from an abscesses tooth, and my dentist can’t see me until late June. Does that make sense? It sounds like a brush off to me.

I got this toothache early Friday. I called the my dentist  only to be reminded he isn’t open on Fridays. No problem, I thought. He has an emergency number. I recall my son needing an emergency root canal and he was in within an hour, with Dr. Ong putting off some electrical wiring he was doing to help my son. That certainly endeared me to him and made me feel like he was our family dentist. My son’s insurance covered the bill, all was good. My insurance is not so good. I can only go when in pain and can only have teeth pulled. Back to point. I called the emergency number and it rang a few times as a phone will, it clicked over to what I expected to be voice mail but instead it was a distant ring. Like it was far away, too far away to answer.

Okay so no dentist until Monday. What do I do? I went over to Shoppers and bought some Orajel with 10% Benzocaine. I followed the rules and put some on the offending tooth and around the gum. It tasted like crap, of course. My flesh went numb but the tooth hurt more. I was thinking it was maybe two now. But maybe it only felt like it.

It’s around one in the afternoon and I am taking my mind off of it by ranting to a friend on the phone. What are friends for, eh? So he said he’d bring over a bit of herbal medicine that would help me get through the weekend. I was pleased. It was about 4:20 in the afternoon, oddly enough, when I had my first does. I shared about 1/4 stick of medicine with my friend. We chatted some and he was on his way. The pain was gone and as the night went on I marveled at how gone it was. I didn’t feel numbed, I felt cured.

After a good night’s sleep I awoke and didn’t even think of my toothache. I was up, took the dog for a walk, had coffee and toast and poked at the keyboard before I thought of it. I thought of it as again marveling at how gone the pain was. It felt normal. I even did the cold milk on cereal test. No problem. Dinner? No problem. Then another good night’s sleep.

This morning was a different story.  There was this dull, constant ache. That I could handle. Then there was also this liquid electrical pain. I don’t know how else to describe it but suspect many of you know exactly what I am talking about. It starts of like a liquid swoosh in your tooth, but then becomes like an electrical current through you jaw.

Now it is Monday and the dentist is open. I am in pain so I qualify under my insurance. I can get this pulled and relearn to eat. I called and a receptionist answered.  It went downhill from there. Apparently, oh my, she could not make an appointment until June 27 or something. I mentioned through clenched teeth that I was in pain and the outlook wasn’t bright. She suggested I try Northland Dental. Forget that Dr. Ong is next door and Northland is about 1/2 mile away and forget that it’s raining. I thought I had a family dentist. I was counting on him. Sure others are too, but how long does it take to yank a tooth? It’s the kind of thing you’d think a dentist could squeeze in. Granted. Dr. Ong seems to be more into cosmetics. I am sure the time wasted pulling a tooth to save someone  from pain could be used putting in a $2000 implant.

I used to go to Northland and liked them just fine. Both my son and I went there for years. One hot summer day we both had appointments. Him for a clean & shine and me for something painful. I had brought the wrong medical card. We were on file, sure, but they need more endorsement  for that month. It was at home on my desk half a mile or more away. We had just walk there and I was in pain. I suggested we keep our appointments and I would go home after, get the proper documentation and come right back. That was unacceptable. I would have to make another appointment and come back. That was the last I was there. We tried another across the street but my son and I agreed she was brutal. Then we got in at Dr. Ong. There was new dentist office opening in plaza just over there. I went in because they had the same feel as the Northland off. A good size, more than one dentist and they did everything there. Close too, that’s a bonus in case I forget anything. Though just open and having an “accepting new patients” sign they said they were full but could put me on a waiting list. I think it is a when hell freezes over list because a few years have passed since then. I’ll go in later and see if things have changed. Maybe get in before I show my insurance card.

An American friend asked about our health care. I guess she heard wonderful things. I assured her we do have health care but not dental care.  Painful teeth do not count as a health issue. In fact, they should count as a potential mental health issue. Tooth pain could drive one insane.

So now I sit here. I had more herbal medicine, because I can and it is at hand. The pain has gone, but I feel more inclined to have a nap than anything else.

May 14, 2011


I would like to say I am not trying to guilt you out with that title and this blog post, but I can’t. Certainly not everyone will feel guilt, but many will. You know who you are.

I do not intend to type for long. The above link has many pages and you are going to need some time to READ IT ALL.  Nothing I can say hasn’t been said in that article. It speaks well for itself. I can give you some highlights in case you don’t give a damn and don’t want to bother. Something tells me that since you read this far, you will click and read. These are the highlight:

867,948 Canadians visited a foodbank in March 2010 <–One month, get it?

80,150 for the 1st time. <– Imagine making the walk for the 1st time.

That’s a 9% increase over last March. 28% over 2 years.

38%% were children <–CHILDREN!!!

11% reported employment income <–Obviously not enough

6% received unemployment insurance.

51% Received a form of social assistance.

15% were disabled

71% of the nation’s foodbanks saw an increase.

*     *     *

I am imagining that March is a big month because that is one of the months there is no GST or HST rebate.

People visiting foodbanks in London are allowed to visit once per month and only one food bank per month. They get enough food to last “a few days”. Very little is fresh. For those who do, think of what you donate.  A box of rice goes a lot farther than a can of kidney beans.

It’s not easy making that first trip to the foodbank. Many I am sure put it off to the last resort, preferring to go hungry instead. It’s no easier the 2nd time. You do not see people with their heads held up. There is little to no eye contact. You’d think most were quite literate seeing them so intently reading anything they can find on the table. I cannot recall if I visited in March. I visited twice and have put it out of my mind like I did something “dirty”.

Now go read. Sorry if I put you off your dinner. Not so sorry if you are at an overpriced restaurant just for the atmosphere.

May 5, 2011

London City Police: To Serve and Protect

As you may well know I had a major issue with the London Police sending in 25 “peace officers” to first start, then dispel a “disturbance” in Victory Park on April 20, 2011. Historically a peaceful gathering of pro-cannabis activists, this year had a dismal turnout of about 200 (over 1000 last year) in part due to the crappy weather, in part to the threats published in the London Free Press that “arrests will be made”. Arrests were indeed made. 5 that I read about. 25 “peace” officers made 5 arrests in a gathering of 200 people.  It took 3 or 4 officers to pin one guy down during the arrest. Another video showed maybe 4 or 5 officers arresting another person, one was definitively laughing.  See videos here.

That was then. Let’s jump forward a couple of weeks. The LFP’s  London Idea Hub or is it Core Reaction? Maybe Who’s London? Perhaps User’s Voice? Whatever it is without, seemingly, a real name has much input from locals about the loiterers at Richmond and Dundas. Let’s not get into all that here, but let me point out that just 1 uniformed officer posted at that corner would be a step in the right direction of at least getting the loiterers to move on. Am I right?

It would appear not. Though London had a surplus of police to send to a peaceful gathering of pot smokers in Victoria Park, they do not have the resources to send an officer or two to look into a report about a possible crack house that was in the process of doing a booming business. In the LFP story Drug-trafficking complaint wasn’t considered a priority it seems the police were to busy with “competing interests” so said Deputy Chief Ian Peers. Read the article. It hurt enough reading it the first time with all the excuses and backpedaling Peers did in such a short article. The point is there were enough police on 420 to hassle peaceful demonstrators and there were enough to “protect” Harper from demonstrators in London South. There are NOT enough police to patrol Dundas and Richmond (just one specific area among others) and NOT enough police to send to investigate a 911 call from a concerned citizen about a very active crack house. I am sure there are many more stories, but just this bit is scary enough.

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