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April 29, 2011

420 2011 25 Police For Maybe 200 Anti-Prohibitionists in London, Ontario

Prior to April 20th, 2011 the press published articles about the 420 activities in London’s “designated area” of Victoria Park. These articles were warning (or threats) from the London Police. It was stated that arrests would be made. Cited were the charges that would be laid. The turnout was bleak. Partly due to weather, but partly due to fear. Well, arrests were indeed made. Both local papers ran a story with a video. The LFP didn’t allow comments and Metro doesn’t seem to have readers, or nobody cares. I am not seeing much about this anywhere. There is no follow-up and nobody seems to care that the police started the unrest in the first place. The fact there was blatant police brutality has not received any press.

Someone made a video and posted it on YouTube. Around the 3:20 mark you can see three “peace” officers kneeing someone they have well pinned on the ground. Here it is:

How could this not have drawn some outrage? First the warnings, then the overkill on the arrests at an otherwise peaceful gathering. This is a first, too. 420 has always been tolerated and it went about its brief day without incident. This time the police caused the incident. Now I know they didn’t do this on their own. They were told to do it. 25 officers were sent to the park with a mandate of making arrests. The reports are there were three. I wonder if that was the mandate? The question is, who told them? Who are the likely suspects? I can only think of two with the “power” to do so and that is the Mayor and Chief of Police. Are there others who can say “sic ’em”?

Does anyone know the people who were  arrested? Got any follow-up info you want to share?

(This segment was cut from the first blog post. What started as an introduction became a rant so I separated the rant part and reposted it here. This got so little attention here and in the local media. Here I can understand, who really knows these words are here to read. But the local media? Other blogs? Barely a word.)

Here is the video Hutch mentioned in his comment. Looks like it is just him and I who are outraged:

Newsmakers: Jodie Emery talks about prohibition on Rogers TV. May 12, 2011


April 24, 2011

Update to 420 Peaceful Demonstration Arrests

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From the  Police Service website:

Results of “4-20”
On Wednesday April 20, 2011, at 4:20 PM, the London Police attended the area of Victoria Park in response to the anticipated “4-20” protest. There were approximately 100 protestors. Police arrested 5 people which lead to 4 drug possession related charges and other criminal charges, such as cause disturbance and resist arrest. As the protest continued, the protestors remained peaceful and there were no further confrontations with the police.

100 protesters and 25 “peace” officers equals 5 arrests. The big sting! I am sure this brings great pride to all Londoners. It is good to know our tax dollars are well spent. Not!

Note the time of the arrests: 4:20pm. How long was the demonstration going on before that, with no problems? Right at 4:20 the police made their move and the “cause disturbance” began. Shouldn’t it be those officers up on charges? I don’t want to sound like I am in a schoolyard, but they started it! What about “resist arrest”? Did you watch the video? Any of them? Did anyone see any resisting other than maybe the guy on the ground resisting getting kneed in the kidneys? If you did, let me know, I’ll post it. And it closes with “As the protest continued, the protestors remained peaceful and there were no further confrontations with the police.”  Could this be because the “peace” officers stopped harassing people? I say it was peaceful from the start and the police created the disturbance.

Who are these 5 people? Do you know them? Are they willing to talk? When are the court dates? Have any charges been dropped?

If you have any information, pictures or video, please get in touch. I’ll be happy to post them and present your side of the story.

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