London Ontario Canada

May 23, 2011

London, Ontario: Wired For The Future

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First off, how do I change the font in this damn thing? It is way too small for my liking. I still live in the ancient HTML days and that doesn’t seem to translate here. Oh well, that is not why I am here. We’ll have to make due.

Many things have inspired this train of thought. Train of thought is a little much. This is more a jumble of ideas and comments I have read, swimming around in my mind trying to formulate a concept. I am here to get them down before they swim away or blur into total incomprehension. I am just going to spew it out. We can sort it later.

I have been reading a lot lately about London needing an identity. Compassionate came up, but that doesn’t fly when you look at our homeless and poor. The Forest City is getting old, I guess, though I see nothing wrong with it. If we really need a new identity I think we should be setting a trend, not looking at what other cities are doing?

Where is Canada’s “Silicon Valley”? Or Ontario’s? Which city is the leader in internet technology? What city is The Blogging Capitol, The Gaming Capitol, The Social Media Capitol? Which city is THE innovation hub?

Many are aware there is a contest by Pepsi in which London had an Innovation Hub entered in the $100,000 category. It’d be cool to win that. I saw a video (wish I saved the link) that showed an existing Hub and yeah, that’d be great to have. $100k seemed a bargain. What with the city talking $100 million here and $100 million there, what’s $100K? The city should be backing this.(link provided later)

I read about a group of gamers who are trying to get a local meeting started. Cheers to them! I’ll stop in. (link provided later). London has a video game company, right? Fanshawe has courses in same?

I was reading a long (15 page) proposal regarding a 311 phone service for London City Hall. I got lost in all the legal speak but I think I got the gist. London could become the leader in municipal communication. Other cities could look to us for innovations.

People want free WiFi downtown. I want free broadband internet for all. Talk about an attraction. That aside accessibility opens the door for more creativity. (fight to eliminate bandwidth cap at the very least)

There was an article claiming London was 25th in tourism in Canada. I’d find it embarrassing if people bought that and wasted a vacation on us. The bad word of mouth publicity would do more harm than a misleading article could do good. If we want to be an attraction, let’s start with being attractive.

I don’t know the ins and outs.  As a simple, barely technological guy I see a lot of potential in being the hub of Canadian communication innovations. Am I wrong? Steer me in the right direction to read more on this. Offer your thoughts. Shoot me down. Whatever works to get talking about it.

I am sure this is not an original thought and have no intentions of spearheading a movement but would be eager to join one. <– the Pepsi thing. <– London Tourism <– Games day May 26 at Palisades North. <–Is London Broken? <– Who’s London/Core Reaction


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  1. hmmm. ok – so 30K+ students per year, and God knows how many businesses. free wifi… that would be huge, not to mention a huge draw to up and comers in business. i think you are on to something.

    Comment by j — May 23, 2011 @ 5:38 pm

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