London Ontario Canada

May 21, 2011

My Doomsday Burger: Heavenly and Rapturous

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I have to thank the TV station OLN for airing Man vs. Food for this burger. In one episode someone made a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. I was talking with a friend about that and decided I was going to make grilled cheese sandwich burgers for my potential last supper. When I say “I” made them, what I mean is I washed dishes and cleaned up, while my son did the bulk of the work. Whatever.

It started with a rube of ground beef that was on for $5.99. Half a tube makes 4 decent burgers, so we are looking at 1/4 pounders.
He chopped up some hot peppers and cracked in an egg while he hand mixed the burgers. He was excellent with washing his hands often. Gotta’ appreciate that.
I sliced Vilandia onions, tomatoes and pickles. Opened the mustard and relish. I contributed.
It takes 16 slices of bread to make 4 burgers. We only had 14 so made enough for three.
Ya gotta’ be sure to mash down your grilled cheese, the flatter the better. You’ll appreciate it later.
I used the ready cooked bacon. I didn’t want to piss around cooking it. 45 seconds in the microwave works for me. Cut it in half for the burgers. It fits better and looks like more.
The burgers wear cooked to perfection on the trusty George Foreman grill, btw.
The boy cleared out of the kitchen and it was my turn to create.
I crabbed a nice flat sandwich and centered the meat of the matter.
Thin slices of tomato.
Two slices of Havarti cheese with jalapeno.
16 half slices of bacon
Two slices of Vilandia onion.
Topped with another flattened grilled cheese sandwich.

Go ahead. This is something you can try at home.


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