London Ontario Canada

May 20, 2011

Photowalk From City Hall & Halfway Home

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I had an 11:10 doctor’s appointment. Mt doctor is over on Richmond at North of Oxford. I figured if I left at 10:30 I could get there on time at a casual walk. All was good when I left at 10:30. Halfway down the stairs I realized I had forgotten my camera, so back up I went. My dog was happy to see me so soon. This time when I went out I made it halfway across the parking lot before I realized I had changed pants and left my money in the ones laying rumpled on my bedroom floor. Back I went. I figure I had lost 10 minutes. This meant I’d have to walk at a brisk pace to make it on time. I was feeling too lazy for that, so I took a bus and got there 20 minutes early. Fortunately I had a fresh copy of London Metro.

Two things stood out in Metro. One was the back page and the Old Spice guy. It was well done and kept me amused awhile. The second thing was the full-page ad from Family Radio warning of the coming Rapture. Both ads must have paid for many issues. Good grab.

All went well at the doctors, no surprise. I was just there about a week old sore throat. He gave me a script for some anti-bodies and off I went. I strolled up Richmond to the Shoppers Drug Mart at Dundas, knowing they had a photocopier. They did, it made crappy copies and when I told the clerk he said he would let someone know. It was only $1.13, but he should have waved it. I was getting copies of my Bukowski letter so I could give one to City Light Books. I figured they’d appreciate it. It wasn’t a big deal, but he doesn’t write any letters anymore. I sold the original on eBay years ago. I got about $600us for it. That was back when American money was worth +50% Canadian. It was a good time for Canadian eBayers. I figure a copy might still sell but since I sold the original I wonder if I have the right.

From City Lights I walked up King, though Citi Plaza and back to Dundas, making my way to City Hall where I wanted to take some photos. I did that, then decided to do a photowalk home.

Approaching City Hall from on Wellington at Queens. The view from City Hall is much better than the view of City Hall.

There were very few good views of Reg Cooper Square. This peak from the east front of City Hall was the best, but misleading. The planters look like they have greenery in them, but they are actually empty.

Gratuitous artsy shot.

See the emptiness.

Here’s a couple courtyard shots. You can see the disrepair. It’s hard to see the grass growing between each tile, but I assure you it is there.

Here’s some fine greenery. Unfortunately it is only because nobody cared for it. I have to assume this was intended to be used as a flower garden. Perhaps at one time it was a fountain.

Aha! There’s the grass. It only seems to grow where it isn’t supposed to.

This shot was supposed to show the filthy windows, but the camera didn’t capture it. All it really shows is business isn’t booming at The Wedding Room. There are 11 units, and I think there were maybe 5 in use. I didn’t take notes. Looks like a few good offices City Hall could utilize.

Speaking of City Hall…. Unit 1 caught my eye. It looks so temporary with the paper signs tapped up. As you can see this is the office of London’s  Risk Management Department. You can also see the sign on the door requesting it be closed securely, thanks. I thought of helping out by removing the wedge of cardboard, but figured they must have their reasons.

This shot is deceptively nice, tough it is obvious the planters are empty.

I am not one to act as an art critic, but I did have to wonder if the artist planned on the rust?

I Liked this shot. I don’t think I ever noticed that smokestack before.

Central Ave between Wellington and Richmond. Closed for the weekend to accommodate a road hockey event.

A little mishap at Hyman and Wellington. It didn’t look like anyone was hurt. I wondered why the ambulance parked blocking Hyman and backing up traffic. It didn’t seem necessary. They did pull forward a bit and waved at the cars to pull around. Problem was the accident and ambulance made it hard to see around. I thought of directing traffic, but figured these guys knew what they were doing. I have faith in professionals.

I shot this row of houses just because I like this row of houses. This is Pall Mall, east of Wellington.

North of Pall Mall on Waterloo. It is easy to forget this park is here. Weather permitting, whenever I go by there are usually people making use of the tennis courts.

I wonder if this guy gets paid extra because his job sucks?

Walk along Oxford there was a guy putting up a sign at a house with freshly washed window. I suggested to him he give the city a call and see about getting the gig cleaning the offices unused beside City Hall.  There’s there sign. I figure they could always use a plug.

The sign says it all. tailgate sale, truck sale, whatever you want yo call it. Yard sales, church sales, tailgate sales and auctions used to be a passion of mine. If I am out walking I’ll be sure to stop by here on June 4th.

This is a sad sight. It seems this office was always here.

It was around here I lost my glasses. At least, this is the last place I recall wearing them. I need them to see the display screen on my camera. I didn’t notice they were gone until I was at the newish United  Supermarket on Adelaide north of Cheapside. I went in to get a flyer and realized my missing glasses when I wanted to read the price sticker on a loaf of bread. Too bad. I liked those glasses. I have others, but I have had those longer.

And home I went. Not the best of Photowalks but there you have it. I hope you liked the pictures.



  1. i used to live in the ‘burbs but am now downtown, and it’s a whole new canvas out there for me and my camera. the mundane that everyone drives by at 50kph takes on a whole new life when one is one foot. like neon lights reflected in puddles at night, or the travelling art show of graffiti on the trains when one is waiting to cross the tracks… most people miss this kind of stuff. thanks for capturing the life of london.

    Comment by j — May 21, 2011 @ 1:55 pm

  2. “thatguy” lite. loved it! i too am a camera fan, but lately it’s just cell phone camera. to see the world through someone elsee’s eyes is an amazing thing. get well.

    Comment by j — May 21, 2011 @ 2:59 am

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