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May 16, 2011

Never Write In Anger

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I have heard that before. But that is also when I feel inspired to write. Today I could add to that by saying never write in anger and  pain. Here I am indulging in both writing sins. I am in pain from an abscesses tooth, and my dentist can’t see me until late June. Does that make sense? It sounds like a brush off to me.

I got this toothache early Friday. I called the my dentist  only to be reminded he isn’t open on Fridays. No problem, I thought. He has an emergency number. I recall my son needing an emergency root canal and he was in within an hour, with Dr. Ong putting off some electrical wiring he was doing to help my son. That certainly endeared me to him and made me feel like he was our family dentist. My son’s insurance covered the bill, all was good. My insurance is not so good. I can only go when in pain and can only have teeth pulled. Back to point. I called the emergency number and it rang a few times as a phone will, it clicked over to what I expected to be voice mail but instead it was a distant ring. Like it was far away, too far away to answer.

Okay so no dentist until Monday. What do I do? I went over to Shoppers and bought some Orajel with 10% Benzocaine. I followed the rules and put some on the offending tooth and around the gum. It tasted like crap, of course. My flesh went numb but the tooth hurt more. I was thinking it was maybe two now. But maybe it only felt like it.

It’s around one in the afternoon and I am taking my mind off of it by ranting to a friend on the phone. What are friends for, eh? So he said he’d bring over a bit of herbal medicine that would help me get through the weekend. I was pleased. It was about 4:20 in the afternoon, oddly enough, when I had my first does. I shared about 1/4 stick of medicine with my friend. We chatted some and he was on his way. The pain was gone and as the night went on I marveled at how gone it was. I didn’t feel numbed, I felt cured.

After a good night’s sleep I awoke and didn’t even think of my toothache. I was up, took the dog for a walk, had coffee and toast and poked at the keyboard before I thought of it. I thought of it as again marveling at how gone the pain was. It felt normal. I even did the cold milk on cereal test. No problem. Dinner? No problem. Then another good night’s sleep.

This morning was a different story.  There was this dull, constant ache. That I could handle. Then there was also this liquid electrical pain. I don’t know how else to describe it but suspect many of you know exactly what I am talking about. It starts of like a liquid swoosh in your tooth, but then becomes like an electrical current through you jaw.

Now it is Monday and the dentist is open. I am in pain so I qualify under my insurance. I can get this pulled and relearn to eat. I called and a receptionist answered.  It went downhill from there. Apparently, oh my, she could not make an appointment until June 27 or something. I mentioned through clenched teeth that I was in pain and the outlook wasn’t bright. She suggested I try Northland Dental. Forget that Dr. Ong is next door and Northland is about 1/2 mile away and forget that it’s raining. I thought I had a family dentist. I was counting on him. Sure others are too, but how long does it take to yank a tooth? It’s the kind of thing you’d think a dentist could squeeze in. Granted. Dr. Ong seems to be more into cosmetics. I am sure the time wasted pulling a tooth to save someone  from pain could be used putting in a $2000 implant.

I used to go to Northland and liked them just fine. Both my son and I went there for years. One hot summer day we both had appointments. Him for a clean & shine and me for something painful. I had brought the wrong medical card. We were on file, sure, but they need more endorsement  for that month. It was at home on my desk half a mile or more away. We had just walk there and I was in pain. I suggested we keep our appointments and I would go home after, get the proper documentation and come right back. That was unacceptable. I would have to make another appointment and come back. That was the last I was there. We tried another across the street but my son and I agreed she was brutal. Then we got in at Dr. Ong. There was new dentist office opening in plaza just over there. I went in because they had the same feel as the Northland off. A good size, more than one dentist and they did everything there. Close too, that’s a bonus in case I forget anything. Though just open and having an “accepting new patients” sign they said they were full but could put me on a waiting list. I think it is a when hell freezes over list because a few years have passed since then. I’ll go in later and see if things have changed. Maybe get in before I show my insurance card.

An American friend asked about our health care. I guess she heard wonderful things. I assured her we do have health care but not dental care.  Painful teeth do not count as a health issue. In fact, they should count as a potential mental health issue. Tooth pain could drive one insane.

So now I sit here. I had more herbal medicine, because I can and it is at hand. The pain has gone, but I feel more inclined to have a nap than anything else.



  1. If Dr. Ong is close, might I recommend Dr. Norman Lewis? He’s on Huron at Belfield (it’s close to Huron and Adelaide). I’ve never used him in an emergency situation so I don’t know how he is there, but they seem to always be accepting new patients, the first appointment I had with him was scheduled within days, as was a followup, and I constantly move appointments around within the month I’m supposed to go, so I know they’re pretty flexible. Funny, I almost was going to go to Dr. Ong’s, but he was on vacation for two weeks when I called. Guess that’s what you get for trying to go to a dentist who advertises on the first page of the phone book, and on BOB FM.

    Comment by adoseofbuckley — May 23, 2011 @ 1:35 am

    • Thank you Dr. Buckley. 🙂 Actually, if I were doing a poll, Doc Lewis would win hands down. Quite a few people suggested him, and he is only a couple blocks away which is a plus. I’ll go see him first thing Tuesday morning, I am sure he won’t be backed up after a long weekend. 😛 Well, okay, maybe he will be, but at least he’ll have a good excuse.
      BTW: OI am sure Dr. Ong is excellent if you want implants or any other cosmetic dentistry done. I’ll keep him in my Rolodex in case I win the lottery.

      Comment by thatguyinlondon — May 23, 2011 @ 10:08 am

  2. as far as healthcare… you might as well go to the vet. they’re faster… 🙂

    Comment by j — May 16, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

  3. painful teeth can affect your heart if they are infected. very very not good. try dr. panwar – corner of waterloo and grosvenor (i think it’s grosevenor) ) but the address is on waterloo. that office does emergencies. 519-672-5273

    Comment by j — May 16, 2011 @ 4:15 pm

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