London Ontario Canada

May 15, 2011

Beer And Clothing On The Campaign Trail

Didn’t Hunter S. write a book about that? Not sure. It’s Sunday. I am lazy. Lazy Sunday. Not an uncommon view. I am watching The Comedy Channel, Twittering, answering emails and reading blogs and articles. I awoke with that title in my mind and awaited for words to come to fit it.

As you should know by now I have my eye on the campaign trail. That will require, of course, getting out and about. If I recall correctly the place to reach the most people at one time is in a bar/cafe/restaurant/tavern/pub….you get my drift, though golf clubhouse would be my 1st choice. All of these usually require a drink. I don’t drink anymore. I’ll have to get used to all those scenes without the lubricant. It not that I don’t drink at all, but you cannot even say I am a casual drinker. My guess is, occasional is the best description, but the occasions are rare.

When it comes to clothes I used to classify my fashion choice as “golf ready”. Even Hunt Club golf ready. Not that I’ve been. I don’t even know if I’d like golfing at a course like the Hunt Club. I prefer casual settings. Golfer ready for me was nice slacks and a polo shirt, always socks and slip on shoes. My wardrobe has depleted so I have to start giving thought to rebuilding it. I hope all this campaign stuff doesn’t require going beyond the golf ready look too often. I can fill out a suit okay, but they make me feel uncomfortable. Mostly I think, because they are required to give off an impression. Being comfortable is the best impression as far as I am concerned.

The campaign trail. Occasional beers and appropriate clothing, I can handle that. So far so good. The initial days were exciting. Quite a few people typed their support and interest. Now there are a couple. I am not surprised, shocked or disheartened. I mean the election isn’t until 2014. People have their own long-term plans. This is new to me in a way. I can’t remember the last long-term plan I had. I was more for living for the now. Just surviving. Now I have a spark of life and an outlook that I can make a positive difference.  3 years isn’t long and seems like an appropriate time to study for the job I am going for. Or I could look at it as a 3 year-long job interview. Either way I have 3 years to present the me I want to be. Through education and getting out there and communicating, I might just get there.



  1. clothing is usually a wise choice. maybe you could campaign outside the beer store. guitar and case optional. this sounds more like a tweet to me. need some more meatier topic that will really fly… back to the drawing board perhaps?

    Comment by j — May 15, 2011 @ 11:02 am

    • That was just a tease. The body will appear shortly. It has yet to sort itself out in my head. 🙂

      Cheers Randy

      Comment by thatguyinlondon — May 15, 2011 @ 11:09 am

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