London Ontario Canada

May 14, 2011


I would like to say I am not trying to guilt you out with that title and this blog post, but I can’t. Certainly not everyone will feel guilt, but many will. You know who you are.

I do not intend to type for long. The above link has many pages and you are going to need some time to READ IT ALL.  Nothing I can say hasn’t been said in that article. It speaks well for itself. I can give you some highlights in case you don’t give a damn and don’t want to bother. Something tells me that since you read this far, you will click and read. These are the highlight:

867,948 Canadians visited a foodbank in March 2010 <–One month, get it?

80,150 for the 1st time. <– Imagine making the walk for the 1st time.

That’s a 9% increase over last March. 28% over 2 years.

38%% were children <–CHILDREN!!!

11% reported employment income <–Obviously not enough

6% received unemployment insurance.

51% Received a form of social assistance.

15% were disabled

71% of the nation’s foodbanks saw an increase.

*     *     *

I am imagining that March is a big month because that is one of the months there is no GST or HST rebate.

People visiting foodbanks in London are allowed to visit once per month and only one food bank per month. They get enough food to last “a few days”. Very little is fresh. For those who do, think of what you donate.  A box of rice goes a lot farther than a can of kidney beans.

It’s not easy making that first trip to the foodbank. Many I am sure put it off to the last resort, preferring to go hungry instead. It’s no easier the 2nd time. You do not see people with their heads held up. There is little to no eye contact. You’d think most were quite literate seeing them so intently reading anything they can find on the table. I cannot recall if I visited in March. I visited twice and have put it out of my mind like I did something “dirty”.

Now go read. Sorry if I put you off your dinner. Not so sorry if you are at an overpriced restaurant just for the atmosphere.


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