London Ontario Canada

May 5, 2011

London City Police: To Serve and Protect

As you may well know I had a major issue with the London Police sending in 25 “peace officers” to first start, then dispel a “disturbance” in Victory Park on April 20, 2011. Historically a peaceful gathering of pro-cannabis activists, this year had a dismal turnout of about 200 (over 1000 last year) in part due to the crappy weather, in part to the threats published in the London Free Press that “arrests will be made”. Arrests were indeed made. 5 that I read about. 25 “peace” officers made 5 arrests in a gathering of 200 people.  It took 3 or 4 officers to pin one guy down during the arrest. Another video showed maybe 4 or 5 officers arresting another person, one was definitively laughing.  See videos here.

That was then. Let’s jump forward a couple of weeks. The LFP’s  London Idea Hub or is it Core Reaction? Maybe Who’s London? Perhaps User’s Voice? Whatever it is without, seemingly, a real name has much input from locals about the loiterers at Richmond and Dundas. Let’s not get into all that here, but let me point out that just 1 uniformed officer posted at that corner would be a step in the right direction of at least getting the loiterers to move on. Am I right?

It would appear not. Though London had a surplus of police to send to a peaceful gathering of pot smokers in Victoria Park, they do not have the resources to send an officer or two to look into a report about a possible crack house that was in the process of doing a booming business. In the LFP story Drug-trafficking complaint wasn’t considered a priority it seems the police were to busy with “competing interests” so said Deputy Chief Ian Peers. Read the article. It hurt enough reading it the first time with all the excuses and backpedaling Peers did in such a short article. The point is there were enough police on 420 to hassle peaceful demonstrators and there were enough to “protect” Harper from demonstrators in London South. There are NOT enough police to patrol Dundas and Richmond (just one specific area among others) and NOT enough police to send to investigate a 911 call from a concerned citizen about a very active crack house. I am sure there are many more stories, but just this bit is scary enough.


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