London Ontario Canada

May 5, 2011

Hey Joe, Can You Spare Me $100 Million?

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I read in The London Free Press that Mayor Joe wants to spend $100 million on a “Gateway Project” out by the 401.

About 25 hectares of land – from the Costco store, south of Hwy. 401 on Wellington Road, to Dingman Road – would become home to a 500,000-sq.-ft. retail and commercial plaza.–Norman De Bono

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t $100 million the proposed price tag on Mayor Joe’s new City Hall? Are there any other $100 million projects in the wings? How many $100 millions does have to spend? Now maybe it’s just me, but $100 million once sounds like a lot. Two $100 million expenditures sounds like twice as much!! I am no math major, that’s true. So my numbers might be off.

Joe Fontana was elected Mayor primarily because he said no tax increases in 4 years. I cannot see that possible with a $100 million here and a $100 million there. Even if that kind of money did grow on $6000 decorative trees, wouldn’t it be better spent helping the 1 in 3 who live well below the poverty line or if you are of the majority who seem to think “screw those low life bums”, that money could be used to fill pot holes to save the city from being sued by drivers who cannot see 10 feet in front of them.

If you were Joe Mayor and actually had $100 million(or two) to blow, what would you spend it on?



  1. Shopping cows. Priceless. 😀

    I think Joe got in because A) Lots of money and connections (looks like developer connections) and he said no tax increase.
    AM would have won except for hubby. Me, I voted for Etheridge. Anything but the same old same old, yet that is what we always get.

    Comment by thatguyinlondon — May 5, 2011 @ 6:42 pm

  2. good one! love the tree reference. mayor joe is a tad out of touch with reality. SUCCESSFUL retail developments are centered in POPULATED AREAS. what’s down there past costco and the 401 and who does he think will shop there? cows? mayor joe needs to give his head a shake if he thinks i am going to drive x number of miles, with gas at almost $1.40 a liter, to go to loews to buy stuff i don’t need. this kind of mad expansion into valuable farmland is irksome. look at the carnage on sunningdale…

    so one day, when this city is so far spread out with useless malls and developments that it touches cities around it, tell me, dear blogger, who the heck is going to feed the wealthy, let alone the hungry? the only reason this dufus got in is because he wasn’t AM, which is sad. can anyone say hell in a handbasket?

    Comment by j — May 5, 2011 @ 4:56 pm

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