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May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead…or Hanging Out With Elvis

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The President of the United States was to make a statement tonight about the death of Bin Laden. Instead, he came out and said, “Well, you’ve seen the news and Twitters….so…uhm…goodnight.” Okay, so it didn’t go like that but CNN kicked the shit out of the strength of his speech. All he seemed to do was repeat the news.

That aside, I guess I am okay with him being dead. It sounds like it beats the alternative. At first I was confused. Was Osama coming out to announce something about Obama, or the other way around. Blitzer started hinting about it, but kept saying he didn’t want to burst the President’s bubble. But I guess Obama took too long making sure his notes were in order or whatever and CNN started giving bigger hints and then just came out and said it. After that the damn was open. Blitzer said “Obama is dead” so many times I was sure he was looking for the big soundbite, just in case he was the first to say it.

I found the clips with all the cheering and national anthem singing a bit odd. They have been “hunting” this guy for over 10 years. I am thinking the response would have been more akin to a national sigh of relief. What I liked best was that there was no mention of Canadian troops. It would have been good press if they had a hand in it, but I didn’t want anything said that our current government might take credit for the day before an election. Before I knew what the Breaking News Regarding National Security was, I had visions of Obama and Harper having sweetheart deals, so Obama was going to say, “buy our jet’s or else!” Not that I am ruling that out.

To sum up. Too much drama for an “its about time” event. Glad it didn’t have anything to do with moods at the polls. Osama’s “cave in Afghanistan was really a mansion in Pakistan. Nice digs until that getting killed bit.

Some time later….

Canada receives news of Bin Laden’s death with “sober satisfaction”: Harper, speaking in BC. (a twitter feed). That about says it. It fell upon Harper as present “leader” of Canada to say it. He didn’t get political. ‘nough said.

On another note, the jokes are Twittering around (#thatguyinlondon), The best so far was that Trump will be screaming for the death certificate. Or is it a joke? Someone was about to start a Bin Laden/Elvis thing, but got lost and didn’t get around to it. Oh, wait…that was me. Bin Laden and Elvis, talk among yourselves.

@strombo G. Stroumboulopoulos–   “It was a house with high value, with no Internet, phone, incredible security, and regular courier service. Plus they burned their garbage.” (all except that one iPhone. Oops. How do you feel about tracking now?)

@Cornies Larry Cornies  by fowgre —“Some guy is gonna return from vacation Tuesday to find the royals married, bin Laden dead and Layton prime minister.”

@phronk Mike–“Did you know that Hitler, Biggie and Tupac also died on May 1st?!#fakefactspeoplewillretweetwithoutchecking

How did they find Bin Laden? They looked on Google Maps and saw he was marked with a “B”.


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