London Ontario Canada

May 1, 2011

Jack Layton Massage “Scandal” My Big Gaff and Other Stuff

Okay, so I’ll figure it’s a given that Jack Layton was outed about a massage. When the “big news” broke I was amazed they had to dig so deep for dirt. Then again, I had it in my head this happened in 1969. I was all over some moralist forums screaming, “It was 42 friggin’ years ago”, “one’s morals can change in 42 years”. Yeah. That was me. Ooops.  I covered on Twitter (@thatguyinlondon)  or somewhere by suggesting the inference of sex got the numbers inverted. 96 became 69. So for anyone who read that stuff, first THANKS! and secondly, substitute 15 years for the 42 and it all still makes sense. Regardless of what happened, it was 15 years ago. That is still a pretty big deep for the opposition. I mean, is that all you got?

Anything new today? I have been too busy writing to pay attention to the news. I can’t imagine anything different coverage, just more of the same.  One aspects I am very interested is the effect of Main Stream Media on the polls. How do they poll that? Count every time someone posts Harper Sucks or even Voting Sucks? Will there be a new % in polls for SPAM?

I am still seeking articles on what’s up with Jets and Jails and why it’s not a hot election topic. It worries me that it isn’t getting more play. Same as the Contempt of Parliament thingy. It is like they are secret issues, or I am just too dim to find the info. Send links if you got ’em.

The Cannabis laws are still a big deal to me, and that is not spoken about either. I’d think our government’s (sorry, The Harper Government’s) treatment of Marc Emery was unconstitutional and if not that, at least a really, really shitty deal. Both. The “unreported crimes” the super prisons are for will be in part made up of cannabis users and small time (personal) growers. Let us not forget the 6 month minimum Harper wants to sneak in with his tough on crime (let’s lump it all together)  bill. I would have liked to see Jack or Iggy stand up on that. Even if the law was just, it is being introduced in the wrong way. The “war on drugs” is a big fail. I cannot imagine anyone suggesting there would ever be anything close to a winner of that war. A health issue was turned into a criminal issue and that, in part, is why the prison population of North American are so outrageously high.  I dare say the majority of our “community leaders” have smoked pot.  Many, many great and successful people have smoked pot “at least once”. At that point in time, had they been caught under Harper’s Law, they would have a criminal record and 6 months of brutal training in how to be more criminal. Whatever the outcome, they would not be in a position of leadership; they would be ex-cons. Is that how we are going to move forward? Disqualifying the youth for doing youthful things.

Friggin’ weather.  ‘nough said.

So? What else is going on today? The Playoffs, of course. Friday I bottomed out with my picks, getting 1 correct in a 4 parley.  I redeemed myself last night hitting 4 for 4. I am told that’d be 10 to 1 if I actually bet with a book. No idea about pro-line. If I were to be a gambler, I’d be a tournament poker player.  Today  I am echoing my losing picks from Friday, minus the losing part I hope. Wash over , Det under. We’ll see. I bet myself the loser has to do dishes.

Would you hate me if I said I was starting to dislike the National Anthem? “God keep our land glorious and free” isn’t sitting right. In the age of (supposed) religious freedom and a diverse society, that God bit is a tad pushy. The “free” aspect throughout the anthem rubs me wrong too. Do what we say or go to prison does not give me a sense of personal freedom. It’s not like I am unpatriotic. I’ll Stand on Guard For Thee, if some force is clamouring at our borders. I’ll Stand on Guard For Thee if our human rights are being abused. I am not real hip on going somewhere to fight people. I’ll wait until they come to us. And I do support our troops even if only because they are there. Whatever happened to our peace keeper rep? Bottom line, change “God” to “Let’s” and maybe more people will sing louder.

I gotta serious jones on for golf today. Friggin’ weather. The last time I golfed this season was the first time I golfed this season. My ribs on my left side felt like I had been beaten with my driver. I wasn’t, I am sure. It’s the kinda’ thing I am apt to remember. But man it felt  like it for a couple of days. The same thing used to happen at the start of dart season. One muscle in my arm protested in a very painful manner for a few days until it got used to it. I was supposed to go Thursday but it rained. Now we are talking Monday. Do I vote before or after golf? Will my game affect my choice at the ballot box? How can I attribute a bad game to Harper (other than that HST now) and a good game on Jack? No, I cannot see it making a difference. Let me sneak this in here to see who is really paying attention. I do some online work for a local course. The deal is I get paid in golfing rights. The barter system at it’s best. The thing is, I no longer have a car, so getting there is a bit of a pita. Because of this snag the deal was extended to golf for two. Myself and my chauffeur. If I come with people who have never been there before it makes the deal even better for the course from an advertising stand point. So I look for strangers (with a car) to take golfing, for free. If you don’t take golf too seriously and/or like a casual game, I’d be happy to hear from you. I don’t play for the score, I play to play.

I read that contraband cigarettes now carry a fine of $2 a cigarette. That makes it real easy to calculate. A carton is $200. That’s expensive for “cheap smokes” and attacks the people who would least likely be able to afford a $200 fine. People will be calculating how many smokes they’ll need for a night out in relation to how many toonies they have.  Will they be able to pay the fine right there? Would it be a ticket or a court appearance with criminal charges?  ( “Hey, what are you in for?” “All I could afford were cheap smokes.” “What a drag….me? I killed 3 guys…could you pick up that soap for me?”) If one were caught with a few smokes, say six buck’s worth, would that constitute probable cause or whatever they need to search one’s home? I mean where there are 3 cheap smokes, there must be more. That must be another one of the needs for super prisons. Put the poor in prison, keep the streets clean…and let’s make the elderly poor so we can get them too… oh man I hope I am reading too much into “unreported crimes”.

My dog embarrasses me. That is probably not right, but there ya’ go. He barks and pulls on his leash. He gives strangers the impression he is a vicious killer struggling to get at them. He is not easy to walk. Mind you, if I let him off his leash he would run over and sniff your butt if you were another dog or lick you face if you were a human. I take him to the dog park often and he barks and pulls at the leash upon arrival, but once off the leash he silently runs around and peacefully mingles with the other dogs. I put him back on the leash to go and he is barking at anything that moves again. Taking him to a crowded park like the London Vote Mob is not a good idea. I know this, but took him anyways. How is he going to get used to crowds if he doesn’t see them? He pissed me off so much at one point I pinned him to the ground, holding him by the throat (not choking) trying to submit him and send the message that I was the big dog of this pack. It worked for maybe 5 minutes. I eventually left early. One thing that amazes me, is that his barking was never picked up by any of the videos. From the angle of one video, I figure we were standing right next to the guy. We eventually moved back to where the police were, though that made me nervous. Were we disturbing the peace? Was I giving the impression of cruelty to animals? I can’t go to jail, I got a dog. Send us to a kennel, I’ll do my time there.

All right. That’s enough for one day.

(added note because I guess I am not really done writing yet)

What you read here, on the most part, is written and published as I go. I do not re-read or edit (much) I do spell check and grammar check but things slip through. I do not do a lot of fact check and talk off the top of my head so am prone to saying stupid things at times, or good things in a stupid way. Personally I think most of the time  I am friggin’ brilliant, but I am biased. Read what I write with a grain of salt (whatever that really means) and if I offend anyone try reading in a different, more positive tone. You likely mis-read. If I am going to go after anyone, I think I’d make it real obvious. Like I don’t think anyone has to read between the lines to get a feel of how I feel towards Harper). I am not a writer, just a guy who writes.


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