London Ontario Canada

April 30, 2011

Vote Mob Election 2011 – London, Ontario

April 30, 2011 London, Ontario Vote Mob

My dog and I walked down to Victoria Park today to witness the London version of The Vote Mob. Did you see me? I was the guy with the dog who wouldn’t stop barking. He barked whenever the crowd applauded. He barked at other dogs, squirrels, stroller (or anything with wheels) and I am sure he also barked at his shadow and for no reason at all. He did growl at one guy. I suspect he was a Conservative.

I was talking to someone and didn’t really see or hear one speaker. I asked my friend who it was and he told me it was Joe Fontana. Ooops. In my defence I was not very close. Is he really short? Or was I THAT far back. Not that I care if he is short, just asking. mY friend also said he saw Pearson and a couple other Liberals, but none were flying their colours or campaigning. Only the Green Party seemed to be visible, but they kept way back with a table far from the crowd.

There were purple people there and even an old guy. The purple guy told me they said fly your Western colours.  And so he did. Who is The Purple Guy? There was even a guy with a bent nose walking around saying, “fogetaboutit” over and over. I think he was confused by the term “vote mob”. There was lots of red, but it was Canadian red not Liberal red. I was worried about that when the organizers suggested wearing red, but it worked. The turnout was of all ages, but us old folks were well out numbered. If even half the people who showed up actually go and vote I think this event can be called a success.

Rick Mercer spoke for a long time then gave what seemed to be a lesson in photo-ops. He had the crowd do the wave and set up the “Surprise! We’re voting” clip I expect to see with the evening news, looking like it wasn’t staged.  No problem with that. I guess that is how TV works. I was too far away for Rick to see me, but I said hi just the same. Somewhere in the cosmic make up of life he’ll get the greeting.

One thing I noticed was there were only three London Police there for a crowd of (reportedly) 1,000 people. 10 days ago in the same park there were 25 police for a crowd of about 200 people for the 420 Celebration. I guess students aren’t as risky as anti-prohibitionists.

For more Vote Mob photos CLICK HERE

Mayor Joe. I don’t know. He seemed out of his element. Still, he got them cheering and that inspires them and all is good.

Okay, here is another video which I stopped watching at 1:33 so I could post it. I am endorsing this as the “best video ever”, then going back to watch the other half. More than once, for sure.  Got more videos? Send them in and I’ll post them.

This is one from London Fuse, including an interview with Rick Mercer.

As a matter of perspective and contrast or whatever the right words are, but mostly  because I can, here is a shot from Victoria Park (close enough to the same angle as the purple guy) of April 20th 2010, 420.

Click to enlarge

(okay, there wasn’t a confused mobster walking around)


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