London Ontario Canada

April 29, 2011

420 2011 25 Police For Maybe 200 Anti-Prohibitionists in London, Ontario

Prior to April 20th, 2011 the press published articles about the 420 activities in London’s “designated area” of Victoria Park. These articles were warning (or threats) from the London Police. It was stated that arrests would be made. Cited were the charges that would be laid. The turnout was bleak. Partly due to weather, but partly due to fear. Well, arrests were indeed made. Both local papers ran a story with a video. The LFP didn’t allow comments and Metro doesn’t seem to have readers, or nobody cares. I am not seeing much about this anywhere. There is no follow-up and nobody seems to care that the police started the unrest in the first place. The fact there was blatant police brutality has not received any press.

Someone made a video and posted it on YouTube. Around the 3:20 mark you can see three “peace” officers kneeing someone they have well pinned on the ground. Here it is:

How could this not have drawn some outrage? First the warnings, then the overkill on the arrests at an otherwise peaceful gathering. This is a first, too. 420 has always been tolerated and it went about its brief day without incident. This time the police caused the incident. Now I know they didn’t do this on their own. They were told to do it. 25 officers were sent to the park with a mandate of making arrests. The reports are there were three. I wonder if that was the mandate? The question is, who told them? Who are the likely suspects? I can only think of two with the “power” to do so and that is the Mayor and Chief of Police. Are there others who can say “sic ’em”?

Does anyone know the people who were  arrested? Got any follow-up info you want to share?

(This segment was cut from the first blog post. What started as an introduction became a rant so I separated the rant part and reposted it here. This got so little attention here and in the local media. Here I can understand, who really knows these words are here to read. But the local media? Other blogs? Barely a word.)

Here is the video Hutch mentioned in his comment. Looks like it is just him and I who are outraged:

Newsmakers: Jodie Emery talks about prohibition on Rogers TV. May 12, 2011



  1. So, you are saying it is okay to beat (and jail) people for a peaceful demonstration and victimless civil disobedience?

    It is a day celebrated all over the world. They knew it was coming. It happens every year peacefully, except this year. There have never been 25 officers sent in before. This was an intentional and direct attack.

    Watch the video. Tell me where you saw resisting and even if, cause for 3 police to knee someone repeatedly who they already have pinned on the ground. I contest he couldn’t put his hand behind his back because it was pinned under him.

    Comment by thatguyinlondon — May 10, 2011 @ 8:04 pm

  2. Here’s my opinion. First of all I didn’t read the whole blog nor did I watch the whole video(s). The reason, I know where it’s all going.

    Here’s how I see things. Pot is illegal(whether we like it or not). If you get caught with it, you will be arrested. If during the course of that arrest you do not comply with the officers requests such as put your hands behind your back, well, you’re an idiot and you are resisting arrest. What do you think is going to happen?

    Bottom line, don’t be an ass and shove it in the face of the police that you are smoking pot. If you do and they decide to arrest you, don’t be an ass and resist. You brought the trouble on yourself.

    Comment by Brian Raymond — May 10, 2011 @ 7:51 pm

    • how can you comment or have an informed opinion if you have not read the entire blog or watched the videos in their entirety? do you just read the headlines in the newspaper and make up what you think the story is??

      “thatguy” has a very valid point regarding the hands being pinned beneath the guy getting arrested… how is it resisting arrest if you can’t pull your hands out?

      were you there? did you see the guy that got arrested in possession of or smoking pot? or are you just editorializing on that as well? you have definitely lost credibility based on those points alone.

      Comment by j — May 14, 2011 @ 2:31 pm

  3. […] As you may well know I had a major issue with the London Police sending in 25 “peace officers” to first start, then dispel a “disturbance” in Victory Park on April 20, 2011. Historically a peaceful gathering of pro-cannabis activists, this year had a dismal turnout of about 200 (over 1000 last year) in part due to the crappy weather, in part to the threats published in the London Free Press that “arrests will be made”. Arrests were indeed made. 5 that I read about. 25 “peace” officers made 5 arrests in a gathering of 200 people.  It took 3 or 4 officers to pin one guy down during the arrest. Another video showed maybe 4 or 5 officers arresting another person, one was definitively laughing.  See videos here. […]

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  4. the press won’t follow up on the brutality because they are patsies too. i saw them in the courthouse, yet have heard nothing either. have a look at this one at around 4 minutes if you want to see the brutality from another angle: adult male’s full weight on the head and neck. Could have broken the kid’s neck or crushed his skull. but no one cares enough to be outraged.

    Comment by j — May 1, 2011 @ 9:32 am

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