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April 28, 2011

Harper’s Susan Truppe Ignattieff Slam Flyer

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Today I was honoured with a 5 1/2 by 9 1/2 piece of junk mail from Harper.  I am not sure which is supposed to be the facing side. The first side I saw had a big red square (attention-getting) with a waving Ignatieff. The quot above read:

“Canadians associate the Conservatives with Economic recovery and low taxes, and the Liberals with weak leadership and internal divisions”

I am not sure if they are attached, but below in much smaller print is the quote:

“stronger economy weakens Liberals” – John Ivison, National Post, January 7, 2011

I believe it is true that Canadians associate the Conservatives with economic recovery. The thing is, it was the Conservatives who caused the deficit. As far as the low taxes, they didn’t trickle down to the likes of me. I am paying more taxes as far as I can tell. That last bit I cannot make sense out unless Ivison is saying this false perception makes the Liberals look bad.

Flip this card. I say card because it is made with a very heavy stock. (I wonder what that set the Conservatives back?) On this side I am forced to look at a picture of Harper. That smile of his makes me think he is about to turn on me any second. Here are listed quotes boasted the Cons achievements.

“Good jobs stage comeback” – Globe and Mail, January 7, 2011 (only good ones, like maybe appointments and upper management)

“Canada’s economy is creating more secure, higher paying jobs” – Globe and Mail January 7, 2011. (secure? Those must be Senate posts)

“The Canadian job market capped off its best year since 2002…powered by a record surge in manufacturing (jobs)” – “Canada sees robust gains in new job data” – National Post, January 8, 2011 (The best record since 2002. This was written in 2011.  And how robust were those gains over 9 years?)

“Better job security” – Globe and Mail, January 7, 2011. (How do you measure job security? That is likely just a sound bite from the same Jan. 7 article)

“Canada has the strongest economy in the G7 and has already made up all the jobs lost in the 2008 recession. (but not as good as it was in 2002 and I am still reading about job cuts, layoffs and high unemployment rates.)

Back to Iggy at the bottom of all this with the  quote:

“Good news could evaporate if the debate – led by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff- continues to escalate (and) result in a ‘long-run’ cost of….roughly 200,000 jobs.” – “Analysis: Tax cuts needed to stay in game” – Financial Post, January 25, 2011.

Okay, so not Iggy either. Thanks for the tip, Steph. Just curious though what these 200,000 jobs are going to be and what do the ….’s replace?

Did I mention Susan Truppe gets a small, quoteless section at the bottom of the Iggy-slam side? Normally this kind of junk mail goes directly to the recycle box. What a waste of paper! Note the dates? All from January 2011, all but a few from the same paper. My guess is the same article. Was Harper campaigning in January? I heard the Con rhetoric that this was an election that Canadians did not want. But it sure seems that is was one that Harper not only wanted, but was getting in early. They are still airing that one slam add that has Iggy saying he won’t take a GST hike off the table. From 2008. Here it is 2011 and the GST is gone with a higher rate HST.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not an Ignatieff fan. I was afraid I would have to vote for Pearson (another Lib who doesn’t show up to vote) just to deny Harper a majority. Now I can vote with my heart and give Jack a chance. They say he has no experience. Maybe that assumed lack of experience will translate to more accountability. Maybe that assumed lack of experience will mean more transparency (he’ll certainly be under the microscope) and maybe, just maybe we will see less spin come out of Ottawa.


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