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April 25, 2011

Inevitably I Write About The 2011 Federal Election

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I have never really been big on politics or the news in general. To me politicians are spin doctors and little more and the news is so slanted on cannot believe what one sees. Maybe it was the movie Wag The Dog that got to me, maybe it is just reality. Well, I am paying attention now.

When I first heard there was going to be another election I was glad. In the past couple years or so I have been reading tons about Cannabis, the “War on Drugs” and prisons. The USA has the #1 prison population, and though I cannot be bothered to look up the stats as I sit here and type, I am betting Canada is not that far behind. This scares me and seeing Harper wants to pass a “tough on crime” bill that will imprison people for smoking a joint, I KNOW I don’t want a Harper Government. Besides that, I am Canadian and will always want the Government of Canada no matter who is the leader.

To test the mettle of a person I like to find out what their stand is on the decriminalization of marijuana, or as it should be called, Prohibition. I don’t do this because I am a pothead who just want to get high, though that argument could be fairly made, I do this because it is a good testament to one’s character. The whole illegal cannabis thing is political. It started with William Hurts worrying about his paper mills, and I suppose that industry is still involved. But the main players are Big Pharma.  They cannot patent cannabis, cannot make money off of it and it doesn’t lead to their completely legal, highly addictive, expensive prescription drugs. So to me, if you are pro-prohibition, you do not care about the lives of others and support the age-old propaganda.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that I first looked at each parties view on cannabis. It is amazing how many politicians claim they have smoked pot, yet they won’t put the laws on their platform. They think it should be legal. That means they broke the law. That means they are admitted criminals, yet they can still run for public office. Does that make sense? And even if that doesn’t make them criminals, it certainly makes them hypocrites. Not a real popular trait for someone saying what we can or cannot put into out bodies.

Sure that’s just one point and an election platform has many. I was thinking that for this election my only option was to vote against Harper. That means I’d have to vote for Pearson (the guy who doesn’t show up in Parliament to vote so therefore doesn’t really carry your voice) because he stood the biggest chance of defeating Truppe. As the campaigns rolled on my fear of Harper increased and I really, really tried to give Iggy a chance but I just don’t trust him. Both the Greens and PQ are caught up in a single issues, or so it seems. The PQ want to be their own country and the Greens are banging the environment drum. They are both issues worthy of attention, but it takes more than that to run the country.

This leaves Jack. I have always liked the NDP because they took the time to make me feel like they really cared about people. I see Jack stumping around and just like him. I like a lot of what he says and like the sense of hope he instills. I really like the fact that I feel I can call our PM Jack. The attack ads I saw lately have questioned where Jack is going to get the money to support his platform. I don’t know, but I bet the NDP have given it some thought. You could ask that about any party, really. Where is the money coming from to but jets and build super prisons? It costs somewhere around $80k a year to house a prisoner.  That means for every non-violent, no victim criminal released from jail, 5 seniors could have a pension closer to, but not quite there yet, to the poverty level. Buy one less jet (how many are going to crash anyways?) and you could do the same for about 830 seniors. That’s just a flip example a dough head like me can come up with. The money is there and being spent by every party, so let’s look at where it is spent not where it is coming from.

In news comment posts I often see Bob Rae waved as a red flag against the NDP. When was that? 20 years ago? Is Jack Bob? Has nothing changed with the NDP since Rae? And isn’t Rae a Liberal now anyways? The only people who can use Rae as a slight against the NDP are Harper Canadians. Man, those people scare me.

If I wasn’t really paying attention to the campaigns I would be voting Liberal to oust (and send a message) to Harper. Since I have been paying attention I realized I can vote for Liberal out of fear, or NDP out of hope. Harper is just friggin’ scary. Iggy will say whatever works. Jack feels real and I have faith in him to continue caring about the country and its people.

I do believe my mind is made up and I don’t just want Jack to beat Iggy to lead the minority opposition, I want Jack as PM and the NDP as the minority. I mean yes, I like him, but I don’t want any of them to have a majority. I the beginning of all this I was just saying VOTE. Just get out there and vote (out Harper). Now I am convinced that voting NDP is the best of the choices we are given. Now, even if there were a “none of the above” on the ballot, I would still put my X next to NDP. Now to spend the last week of the election looking up German Gutierrez to see what he is all about personally, not that it really, really matters. In Canada we have to vote for the party, not the representative. I am pretty darn sure the Cons would do better this tine around if they didn’t have a Harper attached to them.

Vote NDP. If you cannot manage that, at least get out and vote, unless you like Harper then maybe it’s best you just stayed at home.


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