London Ontario Canada

April 23, 2011

Building new City Hall part of mayor’s core vision

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Since the LFP chose to not allow comments on this story, I’ll repost here with my comments and leave plenty of space for you to leave your own.

LFP: With a summit on the downtown’s future looming next week, Fontana is pitching the pricey project — a source of debate for years — as a catalyst to trigger millions in private development in the core. – LFP

(How can building a new city hall trigger millions is private development? The only way I can see is whatever construction company gets the job will have millions to spend. And will that construction company be a Joe supporter?)

LFP: “This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said.

(“He”  being Joe. Of course it is once in a lifetime. Do you think you’d get a chance to do it twice?)

LFP: Details? Few have been offered, but Fontana says council must decide by this summer its plans for city hall — and he’s prepared for criticism of his idea.

(Good thing you are prepared for criticism, Joe. I bet you’ll get plenty, starting here. No details yet but only months to decide. Way to plan ahead.)

LFP: It’s been estimated construction of a new city hall could hit $100 million, a huge bill made all the more eye-popping considering the mayor’s push for spending restraint and tax freezes. But Fontana counters that the construction costs make sense considering what’s already being spent on the aging city hall. Asbestos removal at the 40-year-old building could top $20 million, and the city spent $2.2 million last year leasing outside office space for squeezed-out staff.

(Could hit $100, but how many projects come in under budget, especially when the city is footing the bill? Spending $100 million so you don’t have to spend $20 million can only make sense in politics. As for the $2.2 million for renting outside space, how about reducing staff in city hall?)

LFP: Spending millions to maintain a city hall that some consider inadequate is a bad idea, Fontana says.

(Who considers it inadequate? Joe doesn’t like his office?)

LFP: An alternative he lays out involves building a new city hall that could be “leveraged” to create an even larger project that would bring institutions and private companies into the core.

(Like say a convention center or an arena such as the JLC?)

LFP: “We have an incredible opportunity. Let’s start setting the table and see what it looks like,” Fontana said.

(As in spending thousands to do studies that in all likelihood will be ignored if they don’t show the “correct” results?)

LFP: This is clearly Fontana’s priority with the so-called Downtown Core Summit — something of a brainstorming exercise between politicians and the public — set for next Wednesday.

(An exercise is correct. An exercise in futility, perhaps. The public may be able to speak, but will council listen?

LFP: Fontana’s arrival at city hall has clearly shifted those gears, and he’s made continued downtown renewal a priority.

(Is that why the police were called to arrest peaceful demonstrators in Vic Park on 420?)



  1. I thought it spoke for itself. I gave it a thumbs up. I’ll have more to say about good ol Joe. Did you read this? I am waiting to see if Joe commnts before I tear into him. Maybe…it is really hard to keep quiet.,0

    Comment by thatguyinlondon — May 7, 2011 @ 8:11 pm

  2. ok – so he want’s to spend $100MM on a new city hall? where exactly does he plan to put this?

    how about dundas EOA? land is cheap there, and if they have any wits in their heads, they will see this as a huge opportunity to multi task.

    imagine this… city hall in a highrise office tower, the first few floors of which are A) a grocery store and pharmacy b) a few floors of affordable housing c) office space to rent out and then on the top floors… wait for it… ta da! the city hall, and more importantly, mayor joe’s office can overlook the city he is about to decimate. just make sure to keep your eyes on the tree line though joe… it’s not so pretty down there.

    Comment by j — May 5, 2011 @ 5:41 pm

    • what?!?! no comment? it’s the best response you’ve got!!

      Comment by j — May 7, 2011 @ 7:59 pm

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