London Ontario Canada

April 22, 2011

Yeah, Like The Internet Needs Another Blog

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Who am I and what am I doing here?

The first part is easy. I am just a guy with stuff to say. I live in London, Ontario and a lot of what I have to say is local, but London is in Ontario so some of what I have to say is Provincial. Since both of these are in Canada, some of what I have to say is Federal.

For many, many years I managed to get by just fine by not paying a lot of attention to the news. What with the Federal Election I started reading the online papers (London Free Press and Metro), blogs, YouTube and links to all manner of  sites. My interest in the federal elections led me to an interest in US candidates for 2012. No telling where surfing the net will take you. Most everything online has a “comment” section. I found with many of the papers I have read, they are very selective with what stories they allow one to leave a comment. Or the comments section is closed the same day the story is published. One story really got my attention and I guess can be attributed to start of this blog.

(I moved the later bit of this post. It started out to be an introduction but fast became a rant about 420 and the police. I moved that to its own blog post. I apologize to the only person to comment on this thread. I am going to delete it because it is now so disjointed. Please feel free to recomment on the appropriate post)


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